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The Rev. Dave Hackett has a long, rich history of advancing God’s mission to reach all peoples of the world with the message of God’s saving grace.

Living in Saudi Arabia for two childhood years awakened his heart for the world. He attended University Presbyterian Church and was a student-leader of its "INN" college student ministry. After graduating from the University of Washington, Dave served as a UPC(USA) Volunteer in Mission to South Korea at Han Nam University, lecturing in English and Economics.

From Korea, Dave married Sandra Barger from Kirkland and the two gained their MDiv degrees from Fuller Theological Seminary, studied at year at Wycliffe Hall, University of Oxford, and in 1985 both were ordained as PC(USA) Ministers.


Dave served as an associate pastor in Oklahoma at Tulsa's Kirk of the Hills Presbyterian Church and in Washington at Bellevue's First Presbyterian Church before joining the staff of Presbyterian Frontier Fellowship in 1993. He served as Executive Director there during his service of 12 years.

  In 2005 Dave joined the staff of visionSynergy, an international mission network development group, as associate director.

Over the years, Dave has remained very involved in the missional life of the PC(USA). He helped establish the Association of Presbyterian Mission Pastors and has given shape to new frontier ministries among Iranians, Vietnamese, Cambodians and other cultures. He has encouraged frontier ministries in Ethiopia, Ghana, England, Germany, India, Cambodia and Thailand, among others.

He continues this interest today by being an instrumental leader in the formation of a first-ever international Internet evangelism network as well as assisting the development of several other strategic mission networks.

Dave uses his communication and technological skills in web design, articles, and the Internet. . He and his family reside in Bothell, WA.

  • Messing around with emergent technology

  • Blogging

  • Camping with the family

  • Photography (see samples at Buzznet.com)

  • Drawing (see his drawing of Taphrom Temple in Angkor Wat, Cambodia)

  • Ceramic painting









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